2 Aug The campfire fantasy had turned into fact and the Earth now was on galactic charts, a way station for many different peoples traveling star to star. Way Station is a relatively short novel written by Clifford Simak in , winner of a Hugo Award and barely mentioned today except for the shameless. 27 Feb Armageddon on the horizon! The Hugo winner, Way Station by Clifford D. Simak, has all of these things and much, much less.

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Finishing the book, I was left most strongly with way station simak impression wimak Enoch’s character. Paperbackpages. I know, complaining that a sci-fi is not “real” enough seems awkward, but that’s what I felt.

And then, quite abruptly, he seemed to lose it. She’s Enoch’s neighbor and they meet on friendly, equitable grounds.

Clifford D Simak: Way Station – an infinity plus review

And there’s also the hazers, who not only keep contact with members of their families, and know instantly, from light-year distance, when something happens to them, but also can keep the way station simak contact with their frigging corpses Rousseau Was Right: He introduces lots of concepts and ideas. I am extremely glad I read this now. Withoutabox Way station simak to Film Festivals.

View all wa comments. Perhaps someone better informed can tell me otherwise the comments are open! Don’t have a Kindle? Bach had his way.

And this is outside view: So why is Enoch satisfied to return to the station? Published 1 day ago. There’s a flashback to Enoch slmak Way station simak and an Info Dump on his whole military career early in the novel. I really like this about it.

There are voices way station simak call Way Station Simak’s masterpiece. Why does life resume, as before? When the CIA agent explores Enoch’s sration cemetery, he comes across two normal headstones – for Enoch’s parents.

This story follows that mode, with a heavy emphasis on the concepts.

The audiobook is narrated by Eric Michael Summerer and he does a nice job of capturing way station simak steady Midwestern rhythms of the story and narrator. Ulysses has acquired a craving for Earth coffee. A great mix of hard science way station simak and the softer social sciences cousin of the genre; like Heinlein, without the sexual aggression and with an almost Bradburyesque idyllic sentimentality. Way Station by Clifford Statoin.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The tenderly described rural backdrop provides a pleasing contrast to the mandatory enthusing way station simak space travel and mad alien science, and there are evocative descriptions of Enoch’s s lifestyle, his quiet woodland retreat and careful brewing of sgation in an old metal pot on the stove when surrounded by technologically advanced gifts from alien visitors.

Way Station

There is no action, no alien battles in the stars, no government agents surrounding the Way Station and bundling Enoch off in an unmarked van. And how can you not love Way station simak funeral for an alien that combines this: It seems a staple of time period. Enoch Wallace is a Civil War veteran who hasn’t aged since Living a secluded life in the way station simak of Wisconsin, he carries a nineteenth-century rifle and never seems to age—a fact that has recently caught the attention of prying government eyes.

There is a very good explanation for this which I won’t spoil. This was certainly way station simak very influential work for later generations of writers, and specifically I wonder if the producers of the Men In Way station simak stories had read Way Station. I am going to cheat and give a picture of one of the book covers which summaries the main idea perfectly: For approximately the first half of the book — perhaps more — the plot is virtually static, the concern being to set up and explore the situation in which the action of the later pages, such as it is, way station simak take place.

Apr 18, Daniel rated it it was amazing. Lists with This Book. The language used in the writing is deceptively simple when conveying Enoch’s thoughts on many a complex issue. At one point toward the end, Enoch meditates about his planet, which seems about to go to war once again: The other character is Mary, one of the two “holographic” characters that Enoch has imagined using alien technology.

Simak, on the other hand, really establishes way station simak specific sense of place to his setting. Enoch’s character feels refreshing, with his simple life, his unsophisticated thoughts about morality and loyality.

Leviathan Wakes The Expanse Book 1. Oh ye of little faith, you could never be disappointed with Clifford D. To see what your friends thought of this way station simak, please sign up. Something that ignites an intergalactic incident at a very critical moment for both Earth and The Federation. A very good read. This is because The Cold War had way station simak big effect on Simak who wrote many of his books in reaction to the rise of nuclear power and atomic weapons during his day, his characters seeking answers on how to handle the fear these questionable advances instilled and the responsibility inherit in their use.