A PS Form , Customs Declaration CN22 – Sender’s Declaration, must be used on all Refer to the International Mail Manual (IMM®) at for. 1 May International mail is subject to customs examination in the destination country. You must declare the contents and value on the applicable. The USPS has two different types of customs forms for international mail: PS Form and PS Form A. The weight, value, mail class and destination of .

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Log in or sign up in seconds. Well, let’s see what happens with the package; hopefully it’ll a be returned to me ASAP, or b get to Guam, if necessary be opened by customs, and be delivered. I was not required to customss out the rest of the boxes so I left them empty. Used by 20 Users 6 Reviews.

They showed me which boxes to put his address in and how to summarize the number of items in the box. I appreciate your and others’ help in this regard. Select a collection… Create new collection. The site confirms that for non-Registered Priority Mail of the weight of my package, a customs form is needed.

Did I need a customs form for a package to Guam? : USPS

And sure enough, DMM Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The package was delivered on time, with no sign of any customs trouble. Austin J on Beyond Pink and Blue: This sub mainly consists of employees that have come here cuwtoms their free time to help you.

Please have tracking number custlms when asking a question regarding tracking. I wanted to make sure it went smoothly at the post office so I could get in and out with my toddler.

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Authorized shipments of gifts or humanitarian donations. Log in to rate this extension. Since it was my first time filling out a fform forms, I asked a couple of my military spouse friends to help me.

Their address should look something like this this is an example from the USPS website:. This extension will read a comma separated value CSV file which can be exported as a comma delimited text file from a spreadsheet or database program, e.

Write directly on the box, just like you would if you were mailing fotm to someone in the States. It will not only download the PDFs for each recipient, but will combine them into one PDF file with two forms per page, instead of one, like USPS does for standard Formor combine the 4 pages required for the Form A into two pages.

The two files are related via the number in the first column, the FormID.

FWIW, I’ve never had one returned, but every one I’ve shipped there has been under 16oz when going via priority. Previous post embarrassingly overwhelmed. Depending on where your husband is, it may not be worth it to do the express option. Once they’ve left the country, it is the responsibility of that country’s shipping service. So here is what a completed form should look like minus the date in the signature box: It is used under the Creative Commons Attribution license 2.

Then divide your contents into four categories only four — I was told that you can only use one customs form per box. Or does eBay have some kind custoks exception that permits customs form-less packages to get through perhaps the site sends customs information to USPS electronically?

If only sending one item per recipientthe CSV files should be in ucstoms of the following formats: Next time I will probably choose the faster shipping option. Try to include dates, tracking info, destination, insurance, class of mail, and any other steps you have already taken in your post.

Anyone that comes here to harass others or rant will have their posts deleted, and may possibly be banned. Feel free to post anything work ueps.

I guess the eBay mail system must be defective, to not produce a label with the built-in PS customs label the way Stamps. We were shocked by customd. If you think this add-on violates Mozilla’s add-on policies or has security or privacy issues, please report these issues to Mozilla using this form.

At least one us;s needs to be selected in the widget form. When submitting posts, please be informative on what the issue is at hand. The aforementioned DMM section Please check out our Wiki page for more info.

They did not cause your problem. I chose the slower of the two shipping options. If it’s under 16oz, you should be fine, if it is over 16oz, it may be returned to you. Right now tracking is still showing a delivery date in a few days. I chose the cheaper one Standard cuxtoms, but my package qualified for Space Available so it has the potential to get there sooner.