2 Sep in NX Without Mold Wizard and fully parametric. Answered with a tutorial: Tutorial: Unigraphics NX mold design: Section Mold Parting Tools Define Region. Description: NX Mold Wizard, short tutorial but very good guidance. Mold Wizard leverages the full power of Unigraphics NX and uses UG/WAVE and Master. 29 Oct Unigraphics-NXCore & Cavity Extraction-Mould Wizard-Video Training. Mold Wizard(NX)-Video Training/Tutorials DVD. Info. Shopping.

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Normally, you would have already validated the part design for moldability — meaning, check for drafted surfaces, identify what surfaces are to be formed by what parts of the mold, and mold flow analysis 1.

In he embarked on a different career in CAD training, courseware development, and technical support. Garrett is also considered an expert in NX installation, configuration, and technical support. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. The Unigraphics mold wizard tutorial is translucent. Define Region — cavity 4. The 3 involving the cavity or core offer options to select an existing solid or solids as the Workpiece s or you can select from the Workpiece Library.

If the orange is the cavity side and the blue is the core side, we need to part unigraphics mold wizard tutorial mold where the hole meets the counterbore.

There are actually 4 options for the Workpiece Method: However, die to time constraints, you need to get done reading this and get back to work, so any more about shrink will have to be discussed at a later time. Also, as an environment variable must be created: And you have to be patient here because it is referencing hundreds of definitions, expressions, attributes, configuration settings, etc. However, the project initiation process does use unigraphics mold wizard tutorial parts that contain some geometry.

Based on the selected option, Mold Wizard would allow u to manually enter different values for the various directional elements as desired.

This concludes Part 3 and Mold Wizardry blog series. The next step you might complete is unlgraphics design the parting surfaces. Part 3 discusses the steps that create tutrial cavity and core inserts, which will contain the molded product part cavities, and how to slice it into the two halves. Normally, you would have already validated the part design for moldability — unigraphics mold wizard tutorial, check for drafted surfaces, identify what surfaces are to be formed by what parts of the mold, and mold flow analysis.

Now you can select the various vendor folders above and peruse the vast list of mold configurations. But before that, another step is necessary.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Define Region — core.

Mold Design in NX 10 | GrabCAD Questions

When you select the Workpiece Library icon, the Reuse Library tab is opened in the Resource Bar and another dialog appears futorial aid in defining the Workpiece s. An alternate Define Workpiece option is the Definition Type of Reference Point unigraphice uses the ABS 0,0,0 position as a base point and allows the user to input positive and negative offset values manually. We need to part the mold at the plane tutoriao the bottom of the part.

Look at the hold in the middle and the coloration of the faces that the Check Regions function did for us. Criotec Designs Better with Solid Edge. As you can see, there are only 3: It also provides unigraphics mold wizard tutorial rough overview of completing many of the steps in the process of building the parts and subassemblies of the complete mold assembly.

But, if we look at the bigger picture, the entire side of the part down to the bottom will be formed by the cavity side. Mold Wizard has done it all! Reviewing the Mold Wizard Workflow Process Mold and tool makers, machinists, programmers, or any user involved in designing tooling that fabricates parts and products using the multitude of molding processes can benefit from selected portions of this functionality or the entire integration of tasks assuming the product part is modeled: Garrett excels at the knowledge transfer of NX mechanical CAD and Teamcenter in a friendly, entertaining, and effective learning environment.

You just unigraphics mold wizard tutorial know this. There are certainly a lot of mold shops that already have their own templates, tool libraries, mold design philosophies, etc. In the Unigraphics mold wizard tutorial Preferences dialog box, on the Visual page, select the Translucency checkbox.

Tutorial: Unigraphics NX mold design : Section 6.6 Mold Parting Tools Define Regions

So with just a few new selections of values and selecting Unigraphics mold wizard tutorial, I can get a whole new design very quickly. This is of particular importance when it comes to the parting surface or plane of the part. And if you choose the Mold Base Library icon again, it allows you to edit those things. If necessary or desired, additional regions can be defined unigraphics mold wizard tutorial side pulls, slides, lifters, etc. Once it gets finished, you have quite a masterpiece!

Cue Line says nothing.