· Home | LEGO | Expert Builder | – Auto Chassis | Instructions. Instructions for – Auto Chassis. o · Download a PDF of this set . Technic Retro Car chassis of By Helge Myhre. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Below you can view and/or download the English PDF building instructions of your Lego set Technic Car chassis. Couldn’t find the building instructions.

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Instead, I had technic lego 8860 instructions advertising slip from another kit shown in image 6 above and using the parts from the various other kits built this as close as I could without a manual.

Never place the bricks in a washing machine or dishwasher. It taught leog the basic workings of a differential and gearbox.

My friend from the neighbourhood had one, and I was so happy to get my own. And it was one of the most expensive toys my parents ever got for me. Brick 1 x 6. Played for hours and hours. Sell Tecgnic one to sell? A younger friend of technic lego 8860 instructions showed me the Technic Porsche and spoke of this old set. Never too old for it. Brick 2 x 2 Corner Round, Macaroni. I bought this set for my son when he was 9yrs old.

Darren rates this set 5 of 5 stars. Plate 2 x 2. I am now 38 and building this with my 5 year old son. Plate 6 x 8. Ian rates this set 5 of 5 stars.

Car Chassis | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

She’s more interested in dolls — rather than a steering rack, a transmission or a differential — but I think I can sell her on it A few years ago I rebuilt the auto chassis while visiting home. They should have built on it more.

They gave it to me for my 9th birthday. My kids are almost ready for technic Lego and I have pulled it down from the cupboards to share with them under my supervision of course to preserve the pieces. Slope Technic lego 8860 instructions 3 x 4, 33 Technic lego 8860 instructions.

Technic Differential, Gear old style. When I found out recently that my mother gave it away to some slightly less fortunate friends with young children of a similar age, I was quite upset, but thought it was for the best.

Now, 30 years later, I am going to see if I can make 860 complete with spare parts, based on the parts list shown above. During my childhood I must have built it plus the dragster many times over and enjoyed every minute of this technic lego 8860 instructions set.

It costs dollars Mike rates this set 5 of 5 stars. This is technic lego 8860 instructions best set from LEGO. Jani rates this set 5 of 5 stars. Think I nearly cried when I opened my gift. Unfortunately the steering wheel is missing, but that doesn’t make the joy any less! Tile 1 x 8.

MOC – Studless 8860 remake of car chassis.

Peter rates this set 5 of 5 stars. Technic Shock Absorber 6. Just found out that my parents still have the box and parts.