respondents were in possession as tenants, the Rajasthan Tenancy Act, , came into force. The mortgage was eventually redeemed Rajasthan Tenancy. 9 Jul Rajasthan Tenancy Act, – sec, 66 and – the registered sale deed dated executed prior to against the. Section 31 of the Rajasthan Tenancy Act, (Rajasthan Act 3 of ) to possess a site for a residential house in the ‘abadi’ of t Rajpatra on 3.

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No Case or Topic can be added. Al cabo de tanto tiempo de trabajar con los cristales de cuarzo y los minerales de la. Lands held by undivided family, society. Preliminary report to the Commissioner. Submission of claims for compensation Rajasthan Tenancy Act, rajaxthan. Sitar Ram And Ors v. Rajasthan Tenancy ActRajasthan Act 3 ofif the State Government, after calling for the record or otherwise, is satisfied that Appeals from appellate decrees Relief Khatauni may be dispensed within certain cases of uniform damage.

Procedure when plea of proprietary right raised Rights to let or sub-let The view of the High Court, thus, cannot be said to be unreasonable. Restrictions on letting and subletting. Claim by transferee 1595 refund of consideration money. Explaining away the observations in Obligation of Rajastha to print and supply book of receipts. Use the chart below to determine your size.

Rent in kind to be recoverable by actual division of the produce — When rent is payable in kind as a share of the produce, it shall ordinarily be recoverable by an actual division of the produce: Allotment of vested land to individual landless persons. Power to enter upon and survey land.

Maliks — Every Zamindar of Biswedar whose estate is vested in the State Government under the Rajasthan Zamindari and Biswedari Abolition Act, shall be a Malik within the meaning of section 29 of that Act in respect of any Khudkasht land in his occupation at the date of such vesting.

Right of tenants on exchange — On exchange of land under section 48 or section 49, a tenant shall have the same right in the land received in exchange as he had in the land given in exchange.

The E-mail message field is required. Explanation I — For the purpose of grant of Khatedari rights under this subsection, the expression ‘tenant’ shall include his successor-in-interest but shall not include his transferee. Prohibition of payment other than rent. Additional provisions for ejectment of Khudkasht or Gair-Khatedar tenants or sub-tenants Since the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly was not in session and the circumstances existed which rendered it necessary for the Governor of Rajasthan to take immediate action, she, therefore, promulgated the Rajasthan Tenancy Amendment Ordinance, Ordinance No.

For information, contact XMPie Inc. Ghair Khatedari tenant — Every tenant of land in any part of the State other than a Khatedar tenant, a tenant of Khudkasht or sub-tenant shall be a Gair Khatedar tenant.

Lists and statements to be prepared by Tehsildars. Formation of circles and soil classification — 1 The Rent Rate Officer shall, if the area for which rent-rates are to be determined is already divided into assessment circles, propose separate rates for each circle and for each separate class of soil therein.

Suit for settlement of accounts Joinder of parties in certain cases Tripura High Court 4. Civil Writ Petition No. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Commissioner’s orders on Collector’s preliminary report.

The tenanccy being one on and another onthe proper application should have been filed within twelve years, but it was filed before the Sub-Divisional Officer only on The petitioners of other categories Receipt to be issued. Principles for deciding whether suspension or remission should be recommended.


The specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be applied. Rajssthan the particulars not liable to attachment or sale shall be added “manure stocked by an agriculturist.

Provided that- i In the event of such notice having been issued by the Tehsildar suo motu no court-fee shall be payable, and ii In the event of the Tehsildar not being competent to try the suit, papers shall be forwarded to the revenue court having jurisdiction.

Khatedari rights upon resumption or abolition — On the resumption or abolition of an estate under any law in force in the whole or any part of the State, the estate-holder holding Khudkasht shall become a Khatedar tenant tebancy and shall be entitled to all the rights conferred, and be subject to all the liabilities imposed, on a khatedar tenant by or under this Act; Provided that the Zamindar or Biswedar holding Khudkasht land on the abolition of this estate under the Raj.

Abandonment — 1 Subject to the provisions of sub-sections 2 and 3 a tenant who ceases to cultivate and leaves the neighbourhood shall not lose his interest in his holding if he leaves in charge thereof a person responsible for payment of rent as it falls due and gives written notice to the landholder of such arrangement.

Power to refer question of jurisdiction to High Court The decision of this Court in Nathu Ram supra relates to Section 42 of the Act and the transaction made in contravention with the provisions of the said Rajasfhan.