The Loan Modifiation Department maybe needs to close it out, or the short sale department doesn’t have someone assigned to Nationstar Mortgage Customers. 6 Dec The New Mr. Cooper Short Sale Package is now required on all Mr. Cooper Short Sales after Nationstar Mortgage changed their name to Mr. Click The Button Now To Hire A Short Sale Superstar To Support You. NS Escalation Step 3: Fax or mail to Nationstar Mortgage.

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In some cases, the most feasible solution is for a homeowner to leave their home. This new package is being introduced after Nationstar Mortgage changed their name to Mr.

We have an executed contract for 4 months I’ve never seen one since. Your email address will not be published. If you only remember one thing about mortgage assistance, it should be this: That’s why we’ve made the application process as streamlined as possible. You may have fewer options if you wait. Last reply by Ben Benita Apr 26, You can also jump right into the application now. We’ll always have your back, no matter what. This may vary by state. Maybe there’s an unexpected job loss.

Comment by Neil L. If you need help with your mortgage, there’s a whole world of possibilities out there.

NationStar Short Sale Informations. A short sale is a sale of real-estate when the proceeds of the sale do not cover the full amount of the debt owed on the property, the lien holders agree to accept less of the amount owed on the debt and release their lien on the real-estate. Cooper Short Sale package is just one of the items being updated as well with this new transition.

Sign Up or Sign In. There is a new Mr. Like 29 members like this Share Tweet Facebook. We’ll be glad to help you get your application completed and your documents in order. We’ll be sure you leave the call with a plan of action and next steps.

Cooper Short Sale Package packgae completing the form below. A loan modification is the process of working with your lender to modify the terms of your loan.

The sheriff sale date is in a week.

At this time the home owner is not eligible to participate in the short… Continue. Your options may include refinancing, repayment plans, and loan modification.

For example, we can connect qualifying homeowners with powerful programs including the Hardest Hit Fund. We’ll say it again, because it’s just that important: Hi All,I need your comments on this sape I have. Just keep in mind we need to have your completed application and all documents before we can discuss your options or attempt to halt any collections or foreclosure processes.

NationStar Mortgage

I remember years and years ago, a servicer had a per dime fee in their approvals to counter any requests for extensions. Nationstar Agent Equator Task Guidelines.

You can obtain a copy of the New Mr. I am requesting a Mr. For offline applications, you can find mailing and fax information here. Also remember that as long as you’re a Mr. These folks are experts at helping people like you find a solution and get you back on top of your payments.

Call us now and let us know what’s going on. When you get a loan modification you are not obtaining a new loan but simple restructuring the terms of your current loan. This is only available when there is only 1 Mortgage lien on the property. Harrell on March 2, at The other was due to my contact nafionstar the VP and proved to him the benefit of not going to Homesearch.

Cooper Short Sale Package because now that the company has changed their name all of their documents with their old companys letter head nayionstar to be updated. Cooper Short Sale help Mr.

Cooper Short Sell Package Reply.

NationStar Mortgage – Short Sale Superstars

All Groups My Groups. Here is message from loan rep: No matter how tough the situation may seem, remember that many people have been where you are and gotten back on solid ground. Also the borrower needs to call to give financial info.