Motorola Solutions Learning Product and System Technical Training Course Catalog | North America | 4 links using the Connect Plus System Planner. CTI Products. RadioPro™ by CTI Products, Inc. System Planner for Motorola MOTOTRBO. Document # S For Version 8 Software. 23 Aug Here’s System Planner for MOTOTRBO SR This is the North America release . If anyone can find the EMEA (European) release, please.

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So far so good!!! That channel grants are controlled by CSBK data frames preceding every voice call. I have a nasty feeling their are many types of Capacity Plus systems. So the 3 matches the above. So it could be every 2 seconds,etc depending on the setting. When the voice transmission is complete, repeater A tells all radios on that talkgroup to return to an idle condition and join all the other idle radios on the new rest channel, repeater B.

I have been looking back in my logs trying to better understand the chronology of data messages sent before, during and after a voice call. Strathroy, Ontario Canada Posts: Some of the frequencies are stronger than others, despite the fact that they are all coming from the same site around 5 blocks away from me.

Switch to Threaded Mode. The Rest Channel can be identified by the rapid “Beacon” data burst approximately every olanner seconds I mentioned in the previous thread.

Have you ever thought about donating? Both Source ID and were confirmed independently as legitimate radio ID’s from elsewhere in the logs. I have a demo system at my disposal that we can take captures of it will help using known system parameters. Donating can range anywhere from a few dollars plwnner helping with a repeater installation or donating surplus equipment or getting access to a high site or expertise in other areas.

I believe we have been looking in the wrong place the CSBK planenr during a voice call. Anyway, here’s the data – take from it what you will! However, the control channel never changes. North Georgia Communications’ Specials. Mototrbo uses a rest chan.

Understanding Capacity Plus trunking – The Forums

See the Mototrbo System Planner for more detail. There are a few voice calls in here as well. Obviously multiply the preceding example by 2 to account for both TDMA voice channels per repeater. Now if we are thinking that might be a channel assignment, then in my case this makes sense too. Moototrbo, there is a ‘rest’ channel. I know this is basic, but I hope it gives a better picture of the system. Originally Posted by hlferg I see a lot of misunderstandings concerning Mototrbo trunking.

Motorola MOTOTRBO SYSTEM PLANNER Specifications |

So sometimes I notice it on one frequency and other times it will be on a different one. BB code is On.

Also indigo88’s mention of hearing what sstem like a control channel i. I does not use a system controller either like privacy plus either, so all channels can be plannef for activity.

When there is groupunit to unit voice or data going on then bit 0 is clear. Does every channel in a Capacity Plus system have the ‘rest burst’? The primary goal is to specify affordable digital systems with low complexity. Additionally, they create more accurate and up to date repeater listings, publish and distribute code plugs, and fund raise.

The group collaborates and exchanges information about repeater operations. Confused – I am! I have a feeling the interleaved CSBK data during the voice call what we sysetm been looking at helps accomplish this, but I’m not sure how.

Motorola 6880309T12 MotoTRBO System Planner

It also seems to be in use in analog mode somewhere else nearby. Voice calls must be followed by CSBK data frames telling the radios to return to an idle condition and switch to the LCN of the new rest channel where all the other idle radios were sent. Now I could be completely off sstem here, but it somewhat sort of makes sense.

Today, products designed to its specifications are sold in all regions of the world by numerous manufacturers. Both MPT and the more modern Tetra standards transmit what is supposed to be a unique system identifier so that radios know if they should even try to connect to a system. In addition I can add that bit 7 is only set then nothing is happening.

Motorola Batteries Proven Tough. I did the best I mototrgo given the material I read online, but I don’t have the equipment on hand to play with like you do.

LTR is a home chan. Presumably there can only be one rest channel at a time, so if while repeater A was busy with group 1 and group 2 wanted to key up repeater B, the remaining idle radios would be sent to repeater C and everyone would eventually end up there upon termination of the mofotrbo transmissions on A and B.

All times are GMT Perhaps on a given frequency, the assigned ID represents the timeslot? I see a lot of misunderstandings concerning Mototrbo trunking. Kern County, CA Posts: