Related Manuals for Draytek Vigor Series Network Router Draytek Vigor User Manual Network Router Draytek Vigor Series User Manual. You can register your Vigor router via Firmware. Draytek Vigor User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for. 19 Jun DRAYTEK VIGOR MANUAL PDF DOWNLOAD – Related Manuals for Draytek Vigor Series Network Router Draytek Vigor User Manual.

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If you want bigor use such service trial or formal editionyou have to perform the procedure of activation first. In the following dialog, type Wrong tone settings might cause inconvenience for draytek vigor 2920 manual. Page Web Configurator of the router or borrow debug equipments. Data Flow Monitor Description Check this box to enable this function. Now, your system will ask you to choose right name of the printer that you installed onto the router.

Page Check the draytek vigor 2920 manual to enable T.


Log Type Display the information for each event. Status Press any number under Index to access into next page for configuring port redirection. Power on the device by drsytek down the power switch on the rear panel. If the incoming or outgoing calls do not match any draytek vigor 2920 manual on the phonebook, the router will try to make the call “being protected”.

Draytek Vigor2920 Series User Manual

Please type the account and password that you created previously. Firewall It will check packets according to the filter rules. On the side of Vigor series which. This information is helpful vigof diagnosing network problems, such as IP address conflicts, draytek vigor 2920 manual.

Service Activation Wizard Service Activation Wizard is a tool which allows you to use trial version or update the license of WCF directly without accessing into the draytek vigor 2920 manual MyVigor located on http: Static Route Main Router Page 27 Assign a specific valid user name provided by the ISP.

Local ID — Specify which one will be inspected first. Make sure your PC connects to the router correctly. Then, click the link Click here!

Enter the Name of Index Class 1 by clicking Edit link. If your router can be under an environment with high speed NAT, the configuration provide here can help you to deploy and use the router quickly. Click this button to refresh the nanual listed below. Ipsec Peer Identity Click each index to edit one peer digital certificate. If you have any question, please contact draytek vigor 2920 manual your ISP.

Item Description Display the connection draytek vigor manual number. For draytek vigor 2920 manual web page is too long, we divide the page into several sections for explanation.

Choose Auto negotiation as the physical type for your router. Igmp This field displays the ID port for the multicast group. Defects which do not significantly affect the usability of the product will not be covered by the warranty. By filling in the form below, draytek vigor 2920 manual question will appear below the manual of the Draytek Vigor The Application field will list the purpose of such WAN connection. Each item will be explained as follows: Statistics It displays the statistics for the channels used by APs.

Trademarks The following trademarks are used in this document: Firewall can be adopted for such user profile. Page Non-privileged users can control some router functions, including removing and adding port mappings. Z Do not place the router in a damp or humid place, e.

Page 64 Class Name of Index 3. The user mode allows user accessing into WEB interface via simple configuration. Then it will be sent to the remote draytek vigor 2920 manual with SIP message. Such server is powered by Commtouch. The result will be shown on the box. Each tab will bring out different items that you can choose to disallow people using.

Page 79 Hence, the NIC has draytek vigor 2920 manual certain addresses that will never be registered publicly. Means the identification of the wireless LAN. Below is an example of service type objects settings.

Set to Factory Default Click the number under Index column for setting in detail. The web page can be logged out according to the chosen condition.

Dial the number typed in this field to call the previous Last Call Return [Out] outgoing phone call again. The default setting is Enable.

Any replacement will consist of a new or re-manufactured functionally equivalent product of equal value, and will be offered solely at our discretion. Tr Disable draytek vigor 2920 manual close the mechanism of notification.

Detailed explanation for IPv6 is shown below: