“[Rechy’s] tone rings absolutely true, is absolutely his own He tells the truth, and tells it with such passion that we are forced to share in the life he conveys. On the 50th anniversary of City of Night, John Rechy talks to Charles Casillo about its publication and its impact. He came to world attention in with the publication of his first novel, City of Night, which revealed the previously unknown world of gay hustling and.

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He actively avoids the lives and world of the self-admitted and well-adjusted gay men he ckty, and instead pursues the outcasts, the maladjusted and self-loathing men with homosexual desires who make up his clientele.

Retrieved from ” https: Many quotes to remember and many things to delve into and take from. The hustlers are typical, with enough characterization to offer a fair portrayal of most types.

Rechy describes this world with brusque frankness.

City of Night – Wikipedia

This was quite a read. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a song and dance to tell you about it now. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

But I had a hard time with it, and it felt really dry. It took me six weeks to get through this, which is quite a while for me. Later I decided it was that I was too gushing in my praise and it made nighht uneasy. It illuminates, it stirs the heart, it is unforgettable. I think that focused identification on the narrator-as-hustler has unfairly extended at the expense of viewing me as a writer. But what didn’t appeal to me in this book is the majority of the stories.

I wrote from the point of view of the hustler.

Finally, a peaceful life. It is a glimpse into what life was like during that time, but it seemed to drag on. But Rechy is clear in stating that: There are also at least two books here — one an almost journalistic account of life in the bars and on the streets and another, much less satisfying overlay of drama and unconvincing introspection.

Swimming Against the Current”. It was an awakening that set him on the journey that would lead to City of Night. It’s a tale immense loneliness, and you want this guy to find his way out, and find himself, and maybe some happiness. Allen Smalling Top Contributor: Set before my time but I was blown away by the language, the ghetto pattois, the polari, call it what you will.

Fifty Years of Rechy’s “City of Night” – Los Angeles Review of Books

In fact, that can be the strongest kind of love Eechy were others like them. But at the end rehy the day, I think Rechy himself describes my feelings for this book in his last paragraphs: So I thank the writers who have opened their hearts and minds in their novels and memoirs, their essays and poetry.

He leads me past a od, classic, Hollywood-style staircase to the posh den. His work has often faced censorship due to its sexual content, particularly but not solely in the s and s, but books such as City of Night have been best sellers, and he has many literary admirers.

They just want a taste of the city of night but not to reside there. With City of Night he succeeded.

nught It’s the same feeling I got well into my adult years when driving into NYC – an-tici-pation. This good, as it allows the reader to focus on the main issue – the narrator’s internal struggle – as well as the fine writing.


As the main character moves from El Paso to NYC, before taking in cities like LA, Dallas, Chicago and SF, we read stories about the ‘dive bars’, ‘scores’, ‘queens’ and ‘hustlers’ he encounters, some of these which are easier to follow than others. Rechy continued to struggle with his own vulnerabilities as his need to be sexually desired grew more urgent.

A Documentary Rechy, John. Quotes from City of Night. Showing of 83 reviews. Rechy doesn’t know what dashes or apostrophes mean, but that’s exactly what sets him apart: Coming out barely 5 years after “On The Road”, Rechy’s style certainly owes a debt to Kerouac, but not so much as to distract. I read this because David Bowie cited it as one of his favorite books in an interview, and Bowie’s got some good taste did you know “Wham, bam, thank you mam” is a reference to a Charles Mingus song?

It just seemed like an endless cycle of the same behavior for the main character, but I suppose it goes with the lifestyle that the character is living. As a hustler, the lead character had the greatest difficulty understanding attractive men who wanted to pay, not possibly realizing that it was all about efficiency, simple, quick, cheap in use of time.

It also seemed really repetitive, and I’m sort of doubting wh This was a really hard book to get through, and I really struggled with it. But work on that grammar homey. I’ve never forgotten that particular moment in the book. The largely passive narrator acts as a device for hearing out the stories of various characters from this furtive sexual underworld, a few of which are incredibly poignant; but there are longueurs too across the many months and miles, and any resolution Bits of this book are certainly 4-star, a few chapters may even merit 5, but the overall journey through the nocturnal world of s America’s gay hustling scene, over almost pages of small print, was just a little too arduous for my liking.

Pete, the “youngman”–or male hustler–at 42nd Street, who like the other. It is the most humbling and liberating experience. The book had a profound influence on many other artists, including Jim Morrison and David Bowie. Sep 13, Matthew Marcus rated it liked it.

I have such complicated feelings about it, but i ultimately rated it four stars because even though it depressed the shit out of me by the time i finally made it to the end, i also found so much of it to be familiar in terms of the speech and behavior of the people in it.

He’s incredibly laid back and observational about the whole thing, whether he’s trying to milk money off a rich client joun Los Angeles or watching a drag queen kick the shit out of a heckler in New Orleans. As the narrator care When John Rechy’s explosive first novel, City of Nightwas first published init became a national bestseller and ushered in a new era of gay fiction.