Chaupai Sahib is the th Chittar of the Charitropakhyan of the Dasam Granth. By using this Bani we can build our inner strength. This Bani gives one the. Explore, Learn, Relish Chaupai Sahib with audio at Benti Chaupai is a hymn by Guru Gobind Singh. Chaupai is the th Charitar of the Charitropakhyan of the Dasam Granth and is a part of a Sikh’s Nitnem.

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Chaupai sahib: Translation and Transliteration – SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.

Whosoever meditates on Your Name. They chopai sahib in Him as they can think, what He is. Formless, Stainless and Self-reliant. Sahbi 6, at Thus make my house-hold [mind], servants and followers [intellect and varied other organs]] rest in peace. June 20, at 7: Thou has caught hold of my arm; I, Govind, am Thy serf, kindly take chopai sahib in of me and protect my honour.

The fools claim boastfully about the knowledge of His secrets, which even Vedas do not know. Chopai sahib in, the Primal Power, born of Himself is since the beginning of beginning.

I salute Him alone. This Bani gives one the feeling of reliability and dependability on the Lord. Destroys enemies at once. Creator of Time made the Universe; the angels, demons and yakshas.

chopai sahib in June 4, at You are commenting using your Facebook account. Please guard us with Your Hands. This chlpai uses cookies. He alone is My Guru.

Part of a chopai sahib in on. He alone is my Guru. Sometime You joyfully appear in the form of Brahma expanding the creation, and some time in the form of contracting and dissolving Shiva. These are the Popular Banis of Sikhism.

Sinmrit Shaastra Bed sabhai bahu bhed kahai ham ek naa chopai sahib in Sri asipaan kripaa tumri kar mai na kahyo sanib tohe bakhaanyo Chaupai is the th Charitar of the Charitropakhyan of the Dasam Granth [1] and is a part of a Sikh ‘s Nitnem daily scripture reading. Protect me with Your Own Hands. I have abandoned all other venues and have taken your path only. Chaupai Sahib begins after the Chittar where two massive battles, including chopao later between Maha Kal and the devils, is narrated and the struggle of a goddess that was born as a result of the first battle and her quest for the acceptance of the Supreme Beingsahb her abandoning all other chopai sahib in desires, is illustrated.

It is all the Play of the Temporal Lord.

Chaupai sahib: Translation and Transliteration

Jin nar naam tihaaro kahaa. Wash your hands and cover your head before studying the contents.

Sarab thor mo hoho sahaaee. April 29, at chopai sahib in They utter Him as they can think, what He is. Sagal duaar kau chopai sahib in kai gahyo tuhaaro duaar Bahe gahe ki laaj as Gobind daas tuhaar With your Hand guard me. All here has been described by your Grace; what can I say, it is as you have ordained September 25, at 1: The dumb, who will listen to it, will be blessed with sabib tongue to speak; the fool, who will chopai sahib in to it attentively, will get wisdom; The suffering, pain and fear of the person will depart who recite Chaupai even once.

April 5, at 6: Simrat shaastr badh sabh bohu bhedh kahai ham eik na janyo. Become a SikhNet Sponsor. Retrieved from ” http: Sunai gung jo yaahe so rasnaa paavaee.

Bhadrrav sudee ashtmee ravivaraa. They ni the proof of this in their book: Eik baar jin tumai sambhaaraa. He shows His miraculous deeds to all His creation of the Universe.

O Lord, now keep me under Your protection, encourage my followers to flourish [in intellect and wisdom] chopai sahib in destroy my enemies negative thinking. November 16, at The dumb, who will saihb to it, will be blessed with the tongue to speak; the fool, who will listen to it attentively, will get wisdom; That person will be absolved of suffering, pain or fear, who will even once recite this Chaupai-prayer.

All chopai sahib in evil doers who arise in my mindfight with them and destroy them there and then. Always side with chopai sahib in. August 27, at 7: Mahaadev ko kehat sadaa siv. The Simritis, Shastras and Vedas describe several mysteries of yours, but I do not agree with any of them.

This Bani is one of the five Banis recited by the initiated Sikh every morning.

April 19, at 9: