Arlette Farge’s Le Go t de l’archive is widely regarded as a historiographical classic. While combing through two-hundred-year-old judicial records from the. Laura Millar. Consultant Roberts Creek, British Columbia. Article Tools. Print this article ยท How to cite item. Email this article (Login required). Archivaria, the. In The Allure of the Archives, Arlette Farge describes her work in the judicial and police archives of Paris. A Passion for History is a series of conversations.

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Yale University Press, farye Arlette Farge’s book, The Allure of the Archives, is one of those books that belongs in its own genre. New Haven and London: And yet it is just as much about the experience of the research: Refresh and try again. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. There is something timeless about this book that flies over the whole phenomena and culture of the internet. In The Allure of the Archivesshe conveys the exhilaration of uncovering hidden secrets and the thrill of venturing into new dimensions of the past.

For instance, I cringed reading about her spilling a bunch of 18th century seeds xrlette some document, envisioning the poor sap who in 40 years will find the pages damaged and raise their fist cursing the jerk who put those seeds there, not knowing that that jerk was the It’s pretty poetic in translation, so I bet it’s stellar in the original French.

As close as nonfiction can come to poetry. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I most enjoyed when she was describing finding letters and diary snippets and pieces of fabric in the court records. In this case, the author draws from her work in the French National Archives, where her days in the judicial archives document the lives of the poorest class of 18th-century France as they intersect with legal clerks, policemen and judiciaries in the commitment and defense of petty crimes.

The Allure of the Archives – Arlette Farge – Google Books

I’d like farte be a historian. For me, it was a romantic, nostalgic book. They can articulate inconsistencies whose meaning is far from clear. Apr 01, Robin rated it it was amazing.

This was written in the mostly pre-digital s and recently translated into English. The frail memories contained within the documents allow the historian to isolate objects and experience them.

May 15, Steven rated it it was amazing. Mar 28, Rj rated it it was amazing.

A wonderful quick read. While a slim book it addresses a host of issues about archival research and aallure be important in any historian’s craft course or classes addressing historiography. However, I am just as excited about the kinds of crowd sourced research that goes on now when researchers put scans of papyri online and ask for help with translations.

She conveys the immediacy of confronting past lives and seeing, perhaps for the first time in centuries, the records of unknown men and women. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. But words can also be tangled and contradictory.

The Allure of the Archives by Arlette Farge

Oct 18, Belkora rated it really liked it. A brief but dense meditation on the joys and challenges of archival research by a French historian. I love this book.

Archives allowed Farge to recapture how the city of Paris functioned below the surface of elite culture and to expose the myriad ways that women operated at the forefront of neighborhood networks. Book titles OR Journal titles. Only gripe I had with this illuminating and deeply affective text was how long it took to translate the original French publication it was published in and only made comprehensible by English-reading audiences in While combing through two-hundred-year-old judicial records from the Archives of the Bastille, historian Farge was struck by the extraordinarily intimate portrayal they provided of the lives of the poor in pre-Revolutionary France, especially women.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By over-describing women, giving them a separate chapter in any well-informed thesis, we did not explain anything and gave the impression for all intents and purposes history was happening elsewhere and in a different way.

The Allure of the Archives by Arlette Farge, and: Taylor Aitken rated it really liked it Jan 23, I suppose every profession desires a space of its own to navel-gaze and inspect its vanity.

The use of archival materials, Farge warns, entails a responsibility for the historian. Both books make vivid for scholars, students, and general readers how these two prominent historians of early modern France found their subjects and questions and pursued their research. In The Allure of the ArchivesFarge, director of research in modern history at the Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique in Paris, gives her readers such a vibrant sense of her research experiences that they might begin to feel the drafty reading rooms and fragile paper.

However the archivist ultimately finds justification from the revelations of ordinary lives in the past that it is able to present and represent.

The Allure of the Archives

There are no thw topics on this book yet. It is made up of four discursive chapters and three narratives of daily life in the fonds. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.