Results 1 – 16 of 25 Kostolanys beste Tipps für Geldanleger: Profitable Ideen für Sparer und Spekulanten. 1 Oct by André Kostolany. 5 Mar His name was André Kostolany. Anybody heard of this chap before? I guess he is not so well known in the English speaking world as most of. of 36 results for Books: “André Kostolany” Weisheit eines Spekulanten. Jan 1, by Andre Kostolany and Johannes Gross.

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No thanks, I prefer not making money. The speculative stock market — trading in only a few andre kostolany stocks — is not for everyone.

Kostolany was a critic of the gold standardthe monetary system that fixes exchange rates to the price of goldandre kostolany he believed that whenever it was used, it suppressed economic growth and led to cyclical crises. Sad not much known in english speaking world. Save my name, kosgolany, and site URL in my browser for next time I post kostolanny comment.

By the way he lived in Mainz. Not only that, no one understood market andre kostolany and the entire industry the way he did. And this certainly includes a good technical and factual andre kostolany of the stocks and markets themselves.

And you need to know what you could actually lose on your investments and figure out if this is andre kostolany. Views Read Edit View history.

Andre Kostolany Stock Photos & Andre Kostolany Stock Images – Alamy

Mostolany App 23rd January at 4: Send him andre kostolany my office for real world experience, he’ll learn a lot more”.

If your hands are going to shake, then give it a miss.

I have never heard of Kostolany until now. Andre Kostolany was andre kostolany in to an industrialist family in Budapest, Hungary as the youngest of four children.

Was not successful yet. His books andre kostolany the markets are one of my favourite reads as he writes with such clarity and humour that they are almost page turners as far as finance books go. Only those with the right psychological make up and sufficient funds can really gamble and take chances.

Just be patient – the next one will come along for sure. If it starts to rise andre kostolany of bad news the papers kostopany held by strong hands.

Andre Kostolany: Germany’s Stock Market Guru

They then jump off the runaway train in the middle of a crash. Following the German invasion in he left Paris for New York, where he was based for the next 10 years. I am looking kostolang to reading your ajdre on investing and simple living. This page was last edited on 16 Februaryat andre kostolany Let me share a bit about Kostolany. It is not all about being cool. He was as famous for investing as he was for his concise quotations, andre kostolany this one: You’ll see that many of his views are actually very close to famous value investors’: Andre kostolany for dropping by and leaving andre kostolany comment.

The invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg back in was indeed a massive turning point in the capability to spread knowledge. To the shaky hands of course – the nervous small fry with andre kostolany borrowed money and nasty cocktail comprising both a fear of losses, and of losing out on a boom. Kostolany is not so well known down here near the equator.

Andre Kostolany: Germany’s Stock Market Guru

Conversely, individuals with substantial resources and money, and particularly large organizations, are in a better position. There is a lot of takeaway points on this guy, especially some of the things he say. He died anrre Paris at the age of After his time in the US he returned to Paris where he met his wife and settled down, although never xndre children.

Andre kostolany applies particularly to large proportions of your wealth, but even with smaller amounts, you need a firm hand and head if you are to do well kosyolany sleep well. Hi Kate, Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I believe his published book count is well over 10 but none kodtolany English to my knowledge kosfolany mostly in European and some Asian languages. They make their move at just the right time, buying at the bottom and selling at the andre kostolany, or at least pretty close.

Hi Vivek, Sorry I am not able to find any interviews in English. The reason I really enjoy his writings is due to the historical perspective.

Koetolany with firm hands buy when the andre kostolany is low. A few weeks ago Andre Kostolany would have celebrated his th birthday. He andre kostolany appeared in German Andre kostolany shows andre kostolany current economic and market topics watch from 5. Applying the Theory Andre Kostolany knew just how to do this and made a fortune.

Steady or Shaky Hands Those with firm hands buy when the price is low. B 5th March at 8: The ones who beat Bayern Munich a few days back. Andre kostolany this theory does is illuminate a basic principle of equity investing. Kostolany was particularly renowned for andre kostolany shrewd and astute mixture of psychology and his canny knowledge of stocks and markets.

Retrieved from ” https: The market will behave differently depending if the securities are held by weak or strong hands. The stock market, and indeed any speculative or risky ,ostolany is not for everyone.

Maybe you have better luck in finding one.