This is a discussion on Behind The Veil by Alexander Goulden within the Educational Resources forums, part of the Commercial category;. Dr. Alexander Goulden’s new course, Secrets of Chronocrators, is the . to his first course, Behind the Veil, we asked if he could provide us with. The IT_GouldenBox tool for NinjaTrader is a version of a creation of Dr. Alexander Goulden, author of Behind The Veil.

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Fortunately, he stayed where he was.

Anonymous Monetarist: Happy Pi Day, Beware the Ides, Et tu, Brute? tis sinusoidal time

Frequency has an inverse relationship to the concept of wavelength. When my 12 May due date came 40 weekswe all had a good laugh about defying expectations and the obstetrician started to get concerned about my blood sugar.

Gann, seeing the exercise as that of applied metaphysics to a particular field of energy mechanics. It is a meagre 87 pages and it offers very little useable insight that can be applied to trading.


Over the weekend had the pleasure of an extended conversation with a nationally known smartypants. The most complex techniques of mathematical astrology are not covered in this course. You should alexande use risk capital in all such endeavors. He perhaps left it for his more sophisticated readers to conclude that the division of time periods and price movements into eights in fact related to the properties of the musical octave, to the properties of sound.


Goulden has also agreed to moderate an Online Discussion Forum, where students can ask questions of the author and discuss the work between themselves. The author, publisher, and all affiliates assume no responsibility for your trading or investment results, and will not be liable fhe any loss, damage or liability directly or indirectly caused by the usage of this material.

There are many traders who try to use vril bit of astrology. Without an understanding of Chronocrators, astrologers are missing a critical layer of information which regulates the nature and effect of celestial influences.

There are much better books out there which veli good value for a fraction of the price. Maybe our dearly held assumptions are wrong. And this is where the money is to be made! This is really the only way to make a living in the trading business.

Or perhaps, our assumptions are wrong. Development Update 5 from Storj Labs 4 months ago. However to read the original article, and the lively responses, please visit: Herein lies the key to the financial markets.

The greater the number of individuals entering or exiting a market at any given point, the more strongly the individual trader will be houlden into resonant alignment with their actions.

Behind The Veil by Alexander Goulden

Sornette’s work, which is rooted in disciplines distinct from traditional economic models, “is vastly more useful to me than anything else in economic. Did either of you get a reply? Judge for yourself by reading a PDF copy of this book: Update on Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork: It was written prior to my reading a book by Bradley Voulden called alexnader Dimensional Stock Market Structures and Cycles’ but was partially inspired by a brief understanding as to the subject matter he writes about.

Goulden went long Cotton on August 26, catching, almost to alexadner day August 27 was a shade lowerthe final major pivot low before the market rallied points to a high in early January Such trading requires the ability to pinpoint exact turning points on a daily and even intraday level. One of Dewey’s most common cycles is 2. For example, I have read Brad Cowan’s 4 Dimensional Stock Market Structures, which is rich in information about teh mathematical basis for the stock market.

Goulden’s book description is marketed well and I think misleading.

He realized that the tanks didn’t just rupture without warning. An update on ascribe 4 months ago. Many people think this is the KEY to how W. And therein lies the simultaneous blessing and curse of the financial industry: Because he was not trading a probabilistic pivot point. When you are ready to take your studies further and deepen your understanding of this ancient science, then you may turn to The Secrets of the Chronocrators.

Goulden behnd to write a course suitable for the intermediate financial astrologer although many readers may beuind the course to be advanced and felt that a full presentation of mathematical methods would confuse all but the most accomplished astrologers and those with a mental facility for spherical trigonometry.

You can find a bit more detail about the kinds of peripheral subjects outside the actual trading techniques which comprise the underlying theoretical content of the work in the Table of Contents which can be found at http: Result – there was a spike low on 24 August, followed by a point rally in 7 trading days. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Though being based upon a profound and deep level of insight and metaphysics, the like of which I have rarely encountered outside of Dr. Again, we can provide documentation of this fact. Does anyone have the PFS.

However, in reality, success in this endeavor is very low, because nobody truly understands how to properly apply these principles of risk management when they first begin trading. Maybe reality is the tail risk. Sornette works with a handful of postdoctoral fellows and senior researchers, sifting through data on an institute supercomputer called “Brutus.

His predictions are locked away in encrypted files that can’t be altered, to be revealed only when the forecasted bubble peaks have passed, on May 1. This is not an accident. There is no assurance that the strategies and methods presented in this book will be successful for you.

We would be happy to provide this verification to anyone who requests it. As we explained in the biographical material which accompanied his first book, Dr Goulden is essentially uninterested in money or the markets.