“Dear Experts, I want to make etherchannel with 4 nic port in aix lpars. ent8 and ent9 from expansion box ent12 and ent13 from server pci adapter Now how to. On AIX with “smitty etherchannel”, in the same menu, depending how the fields are filled out, 2 distinctly separate functioning devices can be created. This can. For example, ent0 and ent1 can be aggregated into an EtherChannel adapter called ent3. And interface en3 would then be configured with an.

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I was wondering if there is a command that tells me straight out, which interface in the etherchannel is actually active and which is acting as a backup adapter at any given time. So far, the only method I found to determine which physical interface is actively handling the network traffic passing thru the etherchannel’ed IP address is, running the command entstat -d en8 in few second intervals while watching the individual interface while watching the transmit and receive statistics of individual network adapters in the channel, determining the active one depending on which adapter’s numbers are increasing.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Anonymous November 8, at Anonymous February 6, at My co worker Luis scripted this setup-lb ip ent1, ent2 primary. Anonymous January 20, at 4: You first need to detach this interface if you want to use it.

Undesirable – Switch cannot aggregate. The info you need is in the ‘entstat -d’ output or netstat -v.

AIX for System Administrators

Thanks for providing ethrchannel details and commands. Is there such a command? Incoming traffic is distributed in accordance to ai switch configuration and is not controlled by the EtherChannel operation mode. Anonymous February 6, at 3: I learnt something new today: How to find the active network inteface on etherchannel.

Thanks for your consideration Jim T. You can configure multiple EtherChannels per system. After this separation has been done check entstat for link status, speed, duplex, transmit errors, dropped packets, invalid vlan tags Shell Programming and Scripting.

Abdul Rauf Abidi September 10, at This is because the adapters need to be reset so they learn of their new hardware address, and some adapters take a few seconds to be initialized. View Aic Profile for homeyjoe. Murat December 22, at Thanks in advance, for more details I can post aaix or we can discuss on private.

I was searching them and found all in one place!!!! Windows Active Network Connection Override.

Adapter additions, removals, or changes in an EtherChannel or Link Aggregation

So, a 2x10Gb LACP channel, for 1 connection will utilize only 1 adapter at a time, and there is no guarantee that the next connection will be dispatched to the other adapter. At first, congratulations for your blog.

Needs to be a reliable address, but perhaps not the default gateway. To solve this problem, a backup option is available that keeps the service active when the main EtherChannel fails. Not a Forum Member?

You must manually configure this switch to treat the ports that belong to the EtherChannel as an aggregated link. The result may be poor performance as the switch moves the MAC address between switch ports.

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Still understanding problem for me If the primary adapter becomes unavailable, the Network Interface Backup switches to the backup adapter. Hi thenomad, netstat -v should be the command you’re searching for Kind regards zxmaus. Posted by anAND at Anonymous June 18, at 7: If possible please upload screen shots or videos any other new Tech in power series: Are we dreaming, or is this a realistic configuration idea that could improve the service between eetherchannel TSM server and its clients?

On AIX with “smitty etherchannel”, in the same menu, depending how the fields are filled out, 2 distinctly separate functioning devices can be created.